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ADHD, how I love/loathe thee!


ADHD, how I love/loathe thee!.


ADHD, how I love/loathe thee!


For years I have struggled with staying focused. I had NO idea that this wasn’t “normal”. My brain simply doesn’t shut off like the average human being, and neither does half of my children’s brains! It’s no wonder we had such a difficult time raising them and no surprise my husband and I have worked so hard on our almost 26 year marriage. (He does not suffer from this other than to live with those of us lucky enough to have it!!)

I find the power struggle to be strongest in “finishing” projects and not starting new ones. I swear I try, but for the life of me, I always seem to be adding to my already spilling over plate!

On the other hand, I seem to be able to get an amazing amount done in a day, at least according to those around me! I’ve had people call me a ‘machine’, but in my mind, I’ve hardly done anything because there is so much more I want to do!

Does anyone else relate??

I know that genetics plays a huge role in this ADHD, (well now I guess they have titled it simply ADD, whatever) as 3 out of 5 of our kids were blessed/cursed with it. Not the kind that you outgrow mind you. Nope, the kind that just stays with you forever and lucky for us, our grandson has it even though he’s “too young” to be diagnosed. Pfffttt, trust me, the kid has it!! Today he was “red” again at pre school. Green is good, Yellow needs improvement and Red, well, we all know what running a red stop light means, and he’s only 4!

Even though I suffer from this wonderful/frustrating condition, I continue to plug away at my job/creations. Today I listed several new fabrics. Go me!! I have 3 pillow covers cut and ready to sew. Woot Woot! I also taught my friend how to make a simply tie blanket to be donated to our local Women’s Shelter. Boo Ya! Yep, one more project I just had to add to my list of things that NEED to be done, but this time I was smart. No really, I was! I buy the fabric and I solicit others, (my kids and friends) to help make them. 🙂 I will of course wash them and deliver them but I’m saving time in the long run by having others use their gifted hands to create them right? RIGHT!!

So for tonight, I will be content to know that I have tried my best and I have accomplished some of what I set out to do. I do not suffer from boredom and for that I am grateful. If ever one of our kids used the “B” word, I was on them like bee’s on honey cause there is no reason to be bored when there is so much to do. Usually they would earn a job for being bored and they all learned very early on not say ‘bored’ in front of mom!.

Tomorrow will be filled with many more projects, ideas, AND unfinished work, but at least there will always be something for me to do the next day!!


Sunday Fun Day!!


Hi all!  I love Sundays!  I do try to make it a day to rest, relax, and mentally recharge.

After Mass this morning, hubs and I ate a yummy lunch at a local pub.  They have these ‘to die for’ Albacore Tuna Wraps, and of course we had to have a beer, mine a Shocktop cause I love the orange flavor, and his a Genius, on tap.  I even grabbed a nap.  🙂

Sundays are a great day to re-coop and fill the creative tank.  That being said, I’ve been thinking about whipping up a fun project, Pillow Covers.  I watched a neat tutorial on how easy they are to make and it really inspired me to use some of my deliciously fabulous fabrics to create some fun pillows.  You can find the tutorial here

I hope to whip up a couple this week and post my creations here.  I own a serger, bought it well over a year ago and was scared to death to open it for months.  Finally brave enough, I called a friend and she came over to show me the ropes.  (Thank you Joy!)  I still feel that I have miles to sew on the serger before I become “pro”, but I LOVE MY SERGER.  I will definitely be using it with this pillow cover project.

Wishing you a restful, peace filled and fully recharged evening!


Andrea 🙂




Good morning and Happy Wednesday! 

Yesterday I shared that awesome tutorial on creating ruffles on your machine the FAST and EASY way.

Today I have been busy doing markdowns in my shop as I’ve added a new section, ‘SALE AND CLEARANCE”. 

Don’t you just love the word “SALE”!   Seriously, I hardly ever buy non sale items.  Exceptions to that rule include food, wine, and anything at TJ Max, as it won’t be there the next time you stop if you don’t buy it that day!  Oh, and I do break my rule occasionally at my favorite craft stores if I see something that is limited and probably not going to be restocked. 

Yesterday was a prime example of “breaking the rules”.  I stopped at Michael’s after my workout.  I was trying to buy the ribbon I had seen on clearance that matched my wrapping paper used for my Etsy packaging and wouldn’t you know it, it was GONE!  Urgh.  So, when I happened to see a couple of AWESOME metal trinket thingys that immediately got my creative juices flowing, I hesitantly put them in my cart.  Well, actually, first I whipped out my Iphone and snapped some pics, but then decided that just wouldn’t do!

As you know, I’m in the process of creating and designing my own fabrics and these little trinket thingys just sparked ideas for designs.  🙂  Now I’m impatiently waiting for a SALE on scrapbooking paper.  I am going to be creating some of my fabric designs using solid color scrapbook paper and I’m not about to spend the 69 to 79 cents per sheet!  I need like 45 colors and that really adds up.   So in the meantime, I’m working on clearancing some of  my own stash of supplies that I no longer want or need.

I invite you to stop on over and check out my “SALE AND CLEARANCE” section located in my shop here  Pehaps you will find something that sparks a creative idea for you and I would be thrilled to supply the materials.  Remember, anything you create from my supplies can/will be featured in my Customer Brag Album located here



Hi everyone and Happy Tuesday. 

I getting ready to head to the gym which means bundling up as the wind is blowing and the snow if flying but before I head out, I wanted to share an awesome tutorial on making super easy, super fast ruffles. 

I found the tutorial here  by Andrea (great name isn’t it) from

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this concept  and will be using it for making ruffles on my pillowcase dresses and whenever I want a “quick ruffle”.  No more thread pulling/breaking etc.  Yippee!!!   AND, it only takes 1/4 yard of fabric folded in half lengthwise and sewn in a snap! 

I’m going to give it a try this week and show you what I come up with. 🙂  I would love if you posted pictures of ruffles you create using this tutorial.  🙂

Remember to “share the love” and pass my blog info along to all your sewing peeps.

Have a great day and stay warm!






Happy Monday!


As I sit here looking out my office window (AKA) creative sewing room/fabric and accessory storage/shipping zone/ etc. I see little snowflakes swirling around but not accumulating. It’s very brown here and I like to see the pretty “white” covering that brown so I say, “bring it on!”

I’m a winter girl. I don’t mind the cold, as long as I’m inside where it’s warm and sipping a hot beverage. I just finished a delicious Mocha Coffee, compliments of my Keruig that my youngest daughter gave to me for Christmas one year. I didn’t realize I “NEEDED” one, but now I don’t know how I got by without it! I make ‘foo foo coffee’ as my hubby calls it. He drinks his black, straight up. I also use it to heat my water for my tea, decaf, which I drink in the afternoons or early evenings.

So, as I was saying, I’m looking outside, hoping for the snow to frost the brown, and I’m doing some research on Photo Shop and Illustrator for my upcoming fabric designs. Oh how I loathe trying to learn from reading text only. I am such a hands on learner!! I am trying to find someone who will sit down with me and show me the ropes. Oh sure, I can pay Adobe $100/hour for them to chat at me and remote in, but that’s not going to do it! I need “flesh” sitting next to me, allowing me to “pick at their brain” and ask a trillion questions. In the meantime, I’m doing my homework, pouring through fabric design books, and searching the web. Who knew this was such a competitive industry? I had NO IDEA you could tick someone off simply by asking them who manufactures their designs. It’s like a locked vault, you gotta know someone to get somewhere. Fortunately for me, I have a couple of contacts that are willing to help.

I am also working on creating 250 drawstring wine stopper bags for the Company my husband works for. I was able to create fabric from their logo and have been sewing away on those little suckers, (I will post a picture of a finished bag soon), and
I think I will try to create a PDF for making them (another learning curve to be tackled) for anyone who wants to create their own drawstring bags. 🙂

I am using cotton fabric and the stitching gets a bit tricky at the top where I have multiple layers of folded fabric to go through. Not like quilting where you have cotton fabric and batting and cotton fabric. This is cotton folded over cotton over cotton and it’s like sewing the seams of denim jeans. I bought a Janome Heavy Duty 3000 Sewing Machine especially for this purpose as much of my sewing involves layers of cotton. It has more feed dogs (those little zig zag metal things under the needle plate) so grabs the fabric much better than my Niche. Here is the Youtube video that sold me on the machine.

The only bummer though is that the zig zag foot with the “special” button for keeping the foot level while sewing through thickness, doesn’t work. For the life of me, I have tried and tried and that darned little thingy won’t stay put. I’ll have to write the company and let them know. Hopefully they will send me a NEW FOOT. Other than that, I have been cruising through my bags, (well, if you consider 1/2 hour for each bag cruising) and I would recommend the Janome HD 3000 for those of you who sew layers of cottons as in purse making, curtains etc. or home decor fabrics. No, I’m not a Janome rep. nor am I getting paid anything for promoting them. I just want to share what I’ve learned as I have literally purchased 3 sewing machines in the past 2 years. That story is for another post. 🙂

Off to sew more bags. Hugs!!!



Hey all, I’ve been posting new ribbon listings in my shop today

and I thought it would be nice to share a Flower Making Tutorial using ribbon.  I found the tutorial online at this blog Cute As a Fox.

Check it out and be sure to tell “Ashley” that I sent you.  🙂  Happy Flower making.