Welcome to ~Embellish By Andrea~


Hello and welcome to ~Embellish By Andrea~

Please visit my About page to learn more about me.

I’m very new to this blogging world, but am making a solid effort to jump in and swim with all of rest of you fish in this blogging sea.

Once I understand more about the how to’s and what not, I intend to post a blog filled with Creative Ideas, Fabric Info, Online Tutorials, Inspiration, Ideas, FREE ADVICE, and so much more.

I do hope you will ‘come out to play’ and join me in this new and exciting world of Blogging!

Have a creative weekend!


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  2. To one of my favorite people alread – Kudos to you for stepping outside your comfort zone… this is one venue I have not ventured into as yet, but maybe soon. Love your “About” section. You forgot to say what a positive outlook you always have and what a loyal friend you are!


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