Happy Monday!


As I sit here looking out my office window (AKA) creative sewing room/fabric and accessory storage/shipping zone/ etc. I see little snowflakes swirling around but not accumulating. It’s very brown here and I like to see the pretty “white” covering that brown so I say, “bring it on!”

I’m a winter girl. I don’t mind the cold, as long as I’m inside where it’s warm and sipping a hot beverage. I just finished a delicious Mocha Coffee, compliments of my Keruig that my youngest daughter gave to me for Christmas one year. I didn’t realize I “NEEDED” one, but now I don’t know how I got by without it! I make ‘foo foo coffee’ as my hubby calls it. He drinks his black, straight up. I also use it to heat my water for my tea, decaf, which I drink in the afternoons or early evenings.

So, as I was saying, I’m looking outside, hoping for the snow to frost the brown, and I’m doing some research on Photo Shop and Illustrator for my upcoming fabric designs. Oh how I loathe trying to learn from reading text only. I am such a hands on learner!! I am trying to find someone who will sit down with me and show me the ropes. Oh sure, I can pay Adobe $100/hour for them to chat at me and remote in, but that’s not going to do it! I need “flesh” sitting next to me, allowing me to “pick at their brain” and ask a trillion questions. In the meantime, I’m doing my homework, pouring through fabric design books, and searching the web. Who knew this was such a competitive industry? I had NO IDEA you could tick someone off simply by asking them who manufactures their designs. It’s like a locked vault, you gotta know someone to get somewhere. Fortunately for me, I have a couple of contacts that are willing to help.

I am also working on creating 250 drawstring wine stopper bags for the Company my husband works for. I was able to create fabric from their logo and have been sewing away on those little suckers, (I will post a picture of a finished bag soon), and
I think I will try to create a PDF for making them (another learning curve to be tackled) for anyone who wants to create their own drawstring bags. 🙂

I am using cotton fabric and the stitching gets a bit tricky at the top where I have multiple layers of folded fabric to go through. Not like quilting where you have cotton fabric and batting and cotton fabric. This is cotton folded over cotton over cotton and it’s like sewing the seams of denim jeans. I bought a Janome Heavy Duty 3000 Sewing Machine especially for this purpose as much of my sewing involves layers of cotton. It has more feed dogs (those little zig zag metal things under the needle plate) so grabs the fabric much better than my Niche. Here is the Youtube video that sold me on the machine. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HL4J4LZ3ycw

The only bummer though is that the zig zag foot with the “special” button for keeping the foot level while sewing through thickness, doesn’t work. For the life of me, I have tried and tried and that darned little thingy won’t stay put. I’ll have to write the company and let them know. Hopefully they will send me a NEW FOOT. Other than that, I have been cruising through my bags, (well, if you consider 1/2 hour for each bag cruising) and I would recommend the Janome HD 3000 for those of you who sew layers of cottons as in purse making, curtains etc. or home decor fabrics. No, I’m not a Janome rep. nor am I getting paid anything for promoting them. I just want to share what I’ve learned as I have literally purchased 3 sewing machines in the past 2 years. That story is for another post. 🙂

Off to sew more bags. Hugs!!!


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