ADHD, how I love/loathe thee!


For years I have struggled with staying focused. I had NO idea that this wasn’t “normal”. My brain simply doesn’t shut off like the average human being, and neither does half of my children’s brains! It’s no wonder we had such a difficult time raising them and no surprise my husband and I have worked so hard on our almost 26 year marriage. (He does not suffer from this other than to live with those of us lucky enough to have it!!)

I find the power struggle to be strongest in “finishing” projects and not starting new ones. I swear I try, but for the life of me, I always seem to be adding to my already spilling over plate!

On the other hand, I seem to be able to get an amazing amount done in a day, at least according to those around me! I’ve had people call me a ‘machine’, but in my mind, I’ve hardly done anything because there is so much more I want to do!

Does anyone else relate??

I know that genetics plays a huge role in this ADHD, (well now I guess they have titled it simply ADD, whatever) as 3 out of 5 of our kids were blessed/cursed with it. Not the kind that you outgrow mind you. Nope, the kind that just stays with you forever and lucky for us, our grandson has it even though he’s “too young” to be diagnosed. Pfffttt, trust me, the kid has it!! Today he was “red” again at pre school. Green is good, Yellow needs improvement and Red, well, we all know what running a red stop light means, and he’s only 4!

Even though I suffer from this wonderful/frustrating condition, I continue to plug away at my job/creations. Today I listed several new fabrics. Go me!! I have 3 pillow covers cut and ready to sew. Woot Woot! I also taught my friend how to make a simply tie blanket to be donated to our local Women’s Shelter. Boo Ya! Yep, one more project I just had to add to my list of things that NEED to be done, but this time I was smart. No really, I was! I buy the fabric and I solicit others, (my kids and friends) to help make them. 🙂 I will of course wash them and deliver them but I’m saving time in the long run by having others use their gifted hands to create them right? RIGHT!!

So for tonight, I will be content to know that I have tried my best and I have accomplished some of what I set out to do. I do not suffer from boredom and for that I am grateful. If ever one of our kids used the “B” word, I was on them like bee’s on honey cause there is no reason to be bored when there is so much to do. Usually they would earn a job for being bored and they all learned very early on not say ‘bored’ in front of mom!.

Tomorrow will be filled with many more projects, ideas, AND unfinished work, but at least there will always be something for me to do the next day!!



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  2. I’ve raised a son with that affliction, and live with a man that is so OCD it’s painful at times. As long as you can get through the days, as you do, with accomplishments, I think you’re doing ok.


    • Thanks Cindy! OCD huh?? Yep, that’s also rampant in our family. Zoloft works wonders to keep that one under control. Get up in the morning and pop one of those along with my vitamins and I’m good to go. Same with two of my kids.


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