Happy 2014!!


Oh my gosh!  Can you believe it’s already the middle of January, 2014?  What the heck?  My dad used to tell me that as I got older, time would fly by.  He was so right!!

Goals for 2014 as follows – not necessarily in this order

Work smarter not harder (hmmm, trying to figure out how to do this)

Organize and Prioritize (been plugging away on this one for a while now)

Make time daily for prayer, exercise, and weight loss – the whole balance thing  (why is it so difficult?  Make time a do it I tell myself, and yet…)

Grow my business/businesses –  Let’s begin here.  I’ve been thinking about separating my Fabrics, Jewelry and upcoming Kids Line into 3 separate Etsy shops all under the business umbrella of Embellish By Andrea.  (You see, my hubby does my books and he isn’t a big fan of the idea of doing books for 3 separate businesses.  Can’t imagine why not right?)

Herein lie the issues.  Etsy only allows me to have 10 Categories per shop.  WHAT?  How do you put your entire storefront into 10 measly categories (unless you are only selling 10 items).   I have tried and failed many times to get as much as possible shoved into those 10 categories.  Etsy also limits the number of characters you can use to explain each category.    Try listing 30 different fabric designers, various fabrics types, patterns, notions, ribbons, lace, trims and more into 10 categories allowing only 25 Characters (including spaces)!  It’s INSANITY!!  Yes I’ve  complained!  Yes many other fellow Etsians have complained.  No, Etsy hasn’t changed anything yet, but I’m always hopeful they will!

So I ask myself in the meantime, “how can I grow my business with all these restrictions?”  Answer – having more than one shop.  (Time to rethink goal # 1) .   Opening an Etsy shop may sound easy, but let me tell you, it’s far from easy!  I’m sure the same holds true for any business whether it be online or brick and mortar.  Taking photo’s, editing photo’s, creating listings, marketing, taking care of customers AND fulfilling orders is not for the faint of heart!  (I have missed a shower many a day!)  Sometimes just getting the basics done is overwhelming.  Get up, get dressed, throw hair in ponytail, brush teeth, wash face, head down to the studio with coffee and start working.   Before I know it, several hours have passed and I have a lot left to do.

Perhaps it’s the struggle of every creative person, far too many ideas to fit into 1 lifetime.  Sometimes I wish I could just be content to have a fabric shop.  I could get my fabric fix ordering fabulous fabrics, do my magic photo shoots/editing/creating listings and then simply take care of customers and shipments.  But NO, I am driven to be creative AS WELL and not only with fabrics, but jewelry to boot!!   (Why oh why did one of my girls have to work in a jewelry shop and teach me how to create my own?)

BREATH – Focus – Okay, New Years goal, work smarter, not harder.  I was coached by a previous employer who used to tell me this even though he worked 60 plus hours a week himself.  Not too sure how I was to take that advice!

For today at least, I’m going to sit down to my prayer time, (NYs Goal) get focused, plug away on growing my business working smarter, not harder, (NYs Goal) and if at all possible, the gym will see my flabby, after holiday body and welcome me with open arms (eventually firm and toned)!

Anyone else working on some New Years Goals?  Do share, I’d love to hear from you.

Hugs everyone,

Andrea 🙂



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  1. Oh Andrea! You sound kind of like me this year so far! LOL! It’s taken me awhile this year to get back on some kind of track. I think that i’m starting to work smarter, not harder. I JUST am getting back to painting & starting to work on a bit of a different style. Which means that i have a TON of small wood pieces that i won’t be needing anymore. Most of it is all bagged up & i’m spending most of the time painting & taking a few pictures each day. =) It’s another new “project”, but i am feeling VERY good about it. I do wish you ALL the best on your new ventures. {{{hugs}}}
    P.S. If i were your husband, i wouldn't want to do 3 sets of books either. =)



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