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Celebrating the 2014 Winter Olympics in Style!


Celebrating the 2014 Winter Olympics in Style!.


Tutorial: Securing Serger Thread Tails


This is such an awesome tip for those of us who use serger machines. Check it out!!

Vint Hill Vintage

As I worked on my jeans on Monday, I was reminded of a little tip I intended to share with you way back when I made my first Thurlow Skirt. I even photographed it at the time but I wasn’t crazy about the clarity of the photos so I never blogged it. I re-shot the images on Monday for you and I think they are much easier to understand.

Let’s talk about those pesky thread tails that are left when you pull your fabric off the serger. What do you do with them? Trim them off if the seam will be crossed with another, but if they hang freely they will unravel if trimmed close. It’s too bulky to tie a knot – no one wants a lump at the bottom tip of their pocket lining.

I can’t remember where I picked up this technique but I know it’s…

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